Thank you for your support!

On behalf of the Community Speaks Out Organization and the Evening of Elegance Board of Directors, we appreciate your purchase and look forward to seeing you in August. Please retain the email you will receive soon as proof of purchase for the EoE event!.


EoE was created to foster engagement amongst friends and family while supporting the area we call home.  While there are many wonderful events and fundraisers that take place in Southeastern CT and RI, we are passionate about bringing something different that not only supports a charity but also lends a message to each and every one of us: Life is precious!

The importance of recognition and gratitude for the people and experiences in our lives is often taken for granted until something happens. Over the past years, we have seen terrors in our schools, hatred brought into our homes and violence contributing to a very anxious way of living.

EoE is about dropping differences, woes and worries to truly celebrate each other and unite us. One evening to embrace our friends and loved ones, our historic community, our local, one of a kind businesses, and the special feel our ocean community brings.

This inaugural event and experience will be built by you! You take part in influencing this and future events and in creating a legacy of laughter while supporting an annual charity close to our hearts. Any questions, please visit our Contact Page, Facebook or email us at:

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Call/Text 860-912-1566 for your complimentary one-on-one appointment. • •


Additional services offered for your convenience include ordering your libations from Universal Package Store to be picked up from their stores on your way to our event.