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Evening of Elegance provides a platform to showcase a young, charity each year in hopes of gaining financial support that may otherwise close its doors due to lack of funding. This year, we are thrilled to announce the Community of Hope is the EoE 2020’s Charity of Choice!

Community of Hope (CoH) is a non-for-profit organization that was established 8 years ago and has since supported over 250 women affected by addiction, abuse, homelessness and or incarceration. In strong collaboration with Community Speaks Out (CSO), our 2019 Charity of Choice and other recovery organizations, CoH needs our help to provide women the opportunity to reclaim, rebuild and restore their broken lives.

Did you know: 

  • Over 40 % of the homeless population are women
  • Women without housing face unique health challenges and outcomes that require specific types of care and support. 
  • Domestic and sexual violence are the leading causes of homelessness among women.  
  • Lack of rehabilitation plans and the treatment of incarcerated women as an afterthought has led to prison populations to either grow with a potential of outpacing the growth of men’s incarcerated population.

Join EoE and CoH to create awareness, remove stigmas and re-build broken lives!

EoE 2021 Event: 

We are excited about holding a 250 In-Person attendee event on July 29th, 2021. To open our event up to a wider range of individuals, we have added a Virtual attendee component to welcome those celebrating from home. If the event needs to go 100% virtual due to COVID-19 restrictions, increased advertising / promotions will be streamed throughout the event.

Creating even more awareness for your business!

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Email: info@eveningofelegance.net or contact Lisa Keilty at 860-460-0198 for how you can sponsor today!