2022 Board Members

Executive Board

James M Hunter


Blair Eddy Pattek

Vice President

Irene Herrera


Linda Tuozzolo


Board Members

Dawn Holmgren
Kelly Bolduc
Richard Steele
Amanda Payne

Emeline McKeown




Associate Members

Debbie O’Brien

Honorary Members

Lisa Keilty



Evening of Elegance (EoE) A Night of Giving was created to foster engagement among friends, family and community while supporting some of the newer, less well-known or struggling local charities that serve the area we call home. We are passionate about presenting a unique, elegant annual event that is not only fun but one that also gives back to a local charity in desperate need of our assistance.

Over the past few years, we have seen turmoil in our schools, conflict in our neighborhoods and a rise in stress and anxiety in our daily lives. EoE’s objective is to provide an opportunity to celebrate our personal relationships, support our local charities and businesses, and recognize the special benefits of living in our historic ocean community – even if it is only for ONE night


EoE is committed to growing organically year after year. Our objective is to host an annual event throughout Southeastern CT and RI. EoE venues are selected to showcase the many beautiful sites and gathering places we have in our area and to raise funds that will support the charities and businesses that serve us all. Our charity will change every year, but it will always be one that is local. We are hopeful that this annual event will deliver not only financial support to those in need, but also provide opportunities to celebrate the people in your lives, the priceless relationships that you cherish and create memories while celebrating our community and giving selflessly to help our neighbors.